Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sweat It Out! Wins Musica Copa Charity Match.

So Yesterday was 2013's Musica Copa Charity fundraiser. Aussie Music Industry locals went head to head with the winner's charity be the benefactor.

Sweat It Out! in Black & White vs Local Radio Station FBI Radio

The team to beat was Sweat It Out!. There were some other great teams who gave out some good game, including Future Classic, and Mushroom. In the end it was down to Sweat It Out!, and the Stereosonic teams, with Sweat just to hard to beat they won!

Michael (Touch Sensitive)

Was a great day, and there was plenty of good tunes from the likes of Touch Sensitive (Future Classic) and Lancelot to just name a few. Lots of free drinks too.. too much I'd say.

Well Done to all the groups who competed :

Channel V
Elefant Traks
FBI Radio
Mushroom Group
Future Classic
Pulse Radio
Ministry Of Sound
Sweat It Out!

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