Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sunday Chill Vibez #2 - Soul Funk Dub - Free Downloads

Once again its time to chill out with our Sunday Chill Vibez! Enjoy some sweet low intensity tuna from around the globe.

First up we have a tune from Secret Sun in Sweden. Its a rework of The 1967 classic from The Beatles " Hello, Goodbye".  They've turned it into a lazy disco number.. nice one!

Next out of the gate is a tune from Argentina, via the Del Viso Disco Club. This is an original with a couple of vocal samples laid out in a sexy way.. very laid back, funky and soulful.

Following that we have an even sexier number... dirty lowdown g-funk uber chill on the downbeat.. with spacey synths to boot. Yes its another subtle banger from LA producer Dam Funk. This is one to definitely check out.

And Finally.. Czechian producer Karim Chehab, with a low down version of English band The Cure's 1989 single "Lullaby". If you dig this check out Karim's "Black Lace" volumes.

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