Saturday, 30 November 2013

Blacʞ Sydney Warehouse Party - Nov 30 2013 - Review

Wow. As far as free techno and house warehouse parties go, this one was pretty good. Having a decidedly dodgy entrance which was a maze of derelict buildings, laced with hidden audio devices with subtle scary voices. Yes punters were asked to navigate into what probably makes a good home for Sydney hobo's and junkies, but were rewarded with a party that easily defined what a great party is all about. Cool lazers and strobes, fake 100 dollar bills on the dusty floors and graffiti walls was the backdrop to the sounds, capped with a giant backwards K above the djs. The crowd was friendly, beers were shared and most of all a lot of dancing and cheering was going on only an hour into this all night rager. Decent sets from the likes of Rad Chillard (Future Classic) CSMNT61 (Motorik) and even cooler sets from Ben Fester (Astral People) Zeus (Compound) finishing up with a nice wind down from Mike Witcombe (Picnic/Spice). HCB got some footage below, and while its not the best, it does demonstrate a bit of the vibe. As you can see it was pretty dark.. I'm guessing this was Sydney's answer to the more subdued "white" party that went on earlier that day on Bondi Beach. There were quite a few first time warehouse partiers there who couldn’t believe it. Sydney punters look forward to more..


Some Photos of the night can be found over at The Cobra Snake.

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