Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Squarepeg & Matt Lush Live At Plastic Circus

Sydney locals Squarepeg (Jason Keir) and Matt Lush (aka Mr Lush) performed together last July at the inaugural warehouse party Plastic Circus. The event was something special, seeing the Omega warehouse transformed from its usual rough state into a crafted space. (See below)

Playing the signature set of the night, Squarepeg braved the crowds to present his authentic sounds using some vintage hardware combined with some modern ones. As any live electronic artists know this can be an electrifying adrenaline rush as gear sometimes has a mind of its own. Jason's been influenced by 90s techno genius - the German multi-instrumentalist Moritz Von Oswald and it shows.

Matt added flavour to the performance by dropping in vinyls from his extensive collection - all adding up to something very interesting.

Before the performance I had a chance to chat with Squarepeg about some of his favourite audio gear, one of which is the legendary Korg Stage Tape Delay. Not shy to releases and having appeared on labels such as Etui Records, Lobe Records, Pinksilver Records, Union Beagle Records a new release has just dropped on Acidworx called "OdeNeo".

The video above is only brief, so it cannot do justice to how this set capped off the night.. we look forward to hearing more from both Jason and Matt.

One room was even completely covered in gold.. creating a wonderful vibe!

Bonus : Free Dowload of Squarepeg's  "Untitled Din Sync"

Extra Bonus :

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