Friday, 21 March 2014

Ward-Iz - The Chase - Free Download - Synthwave

Melbourne producer Ward-Iz makes music in the vein of the French West Coast Valarie Collective.. artists like Mintel Rose, Stephen Falkner, College, The Outrunners, Maethelvin, Future Cop! etc. Reminiscing to an 80s synth influence ala Harold Faltermayer's Axel F these tunes are some of the first "blog" music I was ever exposed to.. and too this day I love it. Its rare to hear this stuff played out but I think it makes fantastic driving music (Maybe that's why Kavinsky  got his "Nightcall" tune into the soundtrack for the 2011 movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. Anyways enjoy this well crafted warp back in time..

Bonus :

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