Sunday, 18 August 2013

Salon Acapulco - Al Ritmo Del Verano - Free Download - Disco

Two crazy mexicans, and some serious sounds. Iñigo Vontier & Telésforo make the duo, and in thier sun drenched home of Guadalajara, Mexico they have been cooking up some hot tropical edits. Sometimes doing classics other times something obscure. One thing for sure is thier sounds and production are top notch. Iñigo has even had his "Disco Alien" release picked up on Y Este Finde Qué finding its way onto thier Summer 2013 Compilation. This tune : "Al Ritmo Verano" definatly personafies thier tropical fun sound - its a tasty little disco number for all your pool party needs.

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Salon Acapulco Soundcloud Link :

Telesforo's Soundcloud Link :

Iñigo Vontier's Soundcloud Link :

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